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At Luxuries of Time, we believe in providing transparent and accurate information about our products to enhance your shopping experience. Please review our Product Information Policy for details on how we present information about our jewelry, products and watches. If you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to contact our customer service team.


Product Descriptions:

  • We strive to provide detailed and accurate product descriptions for all our jewelry, products and watches.

  • Information includes materials, dimensions, features, and any other relevant details.


  • Product images are professionally captured to accurately represent the appearance of the item.

  • Please note that colors may vary slightly due to different monitor settings.

Custom Orders:

  • Details for custom-designed items, including materials used and design specifics, will be communicated clearly during the customization process.

  • Custom orders may have unique features, and customers will be informed of any variations in materials or design.


  • Prices for all items are clearly displayed on our website.

  • Any applicable taxes or fees will be applied to all orders shipped in FLORIDA. All other orders are not subjected to sales tax. 


  • Product availability is regularly updated on our website.

  • In the event that a product becomes unavailable after an order is placed, customers will be promptly notified, and alternatives or refunds will be offered.

Returns and Exchanges:

  • Information about our Return and Exchange Policy is available on our website.

  • Customers are encouraged to review this policy before making a purchase.

Changes to Product Information:

  • Luxuries of Time reserves the right to update product information, including descriptions, images, and pricing, to ensure accuracy and clarity.

Feedback and Reviews:

  • We appreciate customer feedback and encourage leaving reviews to share your experience with others.

By shopping at Luxuries of Time, you acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms outlined in this Product Information Policy. We value your trust and are committed to providing you with accurate and reliable information about our luxury jewelry, products and watches. Thank you for choosing Luxuries of Time.

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